SEO Training For Beginners
& Website Reports

Learn how to create a search engine friendly website and discover new ways to promote your business using blogs and social media. Learn the tricks of the trade and more!

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SEO training for beginners

Learn on page search engine optimisation techniques
We'll teach you how to optimise the content of your website. Learn about title tags, descriptions and why they are important. Find out how to research key phrases for your business so you are targeting the right words! We'll also give you a bunch of tips on how to write great content.
Links. The right and wrong ways of creating links.
Learn all about links, internal and external. We'll teach you how the search engines regard links and more importantly what how not to create them. Find out how to generate links the right way!
Tracking your visitors & Webmaster Tools.
Find out how to set up Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools. Measure your own website stats and find out which stats are important. You'll also learn how to use Webmaster Tools and find easy ways to spot problems with your website.
Using Social Media to promote your website.
We'll show you why you should be using Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to promote your website. Learn a few tricks to help make updating your feeds easier and less time consuming.
Writing press releases & creating mailing lists.
Learn how to create press releases and find out where to send them. We'll also teach you the right way to create a mailing list for your business and give you tips on how to keep off the spam lists!

And there's more......

  • FREE SEO manual to refer to after training
  • 30 days email support.
  • An website report and action plan.
  • All training is at your place, group or 1-2-1.
  • Affordable to individuals as well as groups.

Website report only

Internal link checks
We'll do a full internal link check to spot any problems including files not found. If we do find any issues we'll offer advice on how to fix them!
Title tag check.
We'll report on your title tags, figure out if any are missing, too long or too short and offer advice on how to make them better.
Meta description check.
We'll look for problems with your meta description tags, find out if any are missing, too long or too short and offer you some advice on how to create better descriptions.
Content checks.
We'll look through your pages of your website and report on any issues we find regarding images, H1 tags etc.
Technical checks.
We'll take a look at the code of your website and offer our thoughts and advice on how to improve things. We also check page speeds.
Lots of other checks plus advice and help.
We'll take a look at the website as a whole and spot any problems, offer advice and point you in the right direction so you can fix the problems. We don't tend to comment much on the look and feel of the website as this is subjective but we do mention things that may hurt usability.

A bit more info....

  • A human does the report! Not automated rubbish!
  • You get a PDF report & spreadsheets listing any issues.
  • We'll end the report with an Action Plan.
  • 7 Day turn around, usually less.
  • £49 for sites up to 25 pages. We'll quote for larger sites.

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